Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to our new blog

This is my new space to keep you all informed of anything new happening with The Gourmet Saint. It's kinda like our News Desk at the Frontline!
I want to be able to add new recipes and tips and any news easily without hassling my techy-slave to continually upload new stuff to the website.
This way, I figure, I can sit at my desk and do it myself! I can legitimately spend the afternoon in the kitchen, creating yummy dishes to photograph (oh, and eventually eat, of course! Someone has to eat it!) and then upload them with some 'boring' details, including the recipe itself to keep my readers entertained. Sounds like fun! I hope, anyway. I have been told not everyone 'gets' the Foodie thing, but if you and I didn't, we wouldn't be here now, would we? We'd be off on some boring ol' shopping site or downloading the latest top 40 hits. Ho hum. Instead, you and I can spend some time together talking about the latest recipe find! *squeal* I mean that in all serious humour, of course.
(Those that know me learn that a sense of humour is pretty high on my list of personality traits.)
I hope to add to this regularly. I am not going to commit myself to a daily/weekly/fortnightly timeframe; I am just going to add as I can. I am all for guilt-free these days. (Anyone know where I can find guilt-free chocolate??) However, I do plan to be creative on a regular basis. Oh, and dont expect it all to be 5 star dining! Sometimes a simple recipe is the tastiest.
I guess the hardest part will be working out which recipe to begin with!! So many choices, so little time.

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