Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Year - New Focus - New Goals

My my my. How neglected is my Foodie Blog?
I've spent more attention and time in my personal blog and sadly procrastinated far too long on this one.
All that is about to change.
Last year was definitely Annus Horribilus in our household. Thanks to the world-wide economy, we thought we were going to have to close down The Gourmet Saint company and become regular 9-5-ers until we spoke to our Accountant.
Basically, we shut down through Christmas and waited it out. Thankfully, Mark has a new, albiet short, contract in Canberra and I hit the New Year hard with some fresh recruitment.

Although The Gourmet Saint Personal Cheffing is still functioning, I spent last year preparing foundations, systems, etc for The Gourmet Saint Hospitality Agency. My goal is to supply temporary, emergency hospitality staff to the Illawarra/Shoalhaven area. Nowra to Helensburgh. I got a couple of jobs over the Christmas/ New Year and have more worked booked for Feb/March. It's looking promising already. With a little cash injection via Mark's contracts, I hope to have it roaring away this time next year!
I'd like to see it self sufficient financially in 12 months. Or I could fall flat on my face. And become a 9-5-er. ugh.

I have thought often of posting my recipes here. I have some favourites, as we all do. But because I had this 'thing' in my head that I wanted to post photos of my recipes as well; I'd find that half-way through a recipe I'd remember the camera, mostly at the end. After the event. So many a recipe was wanted to be blogged but wasn't due to my Pooh Bear Brain.

This year, I have a 'head-list' of recipes I want to make, photograph and blog. I plan to be a little more diligent this year.
Surely I can manage that on top of studies, starting a new business, raising kids, babysitting grandsons, etc!! lol It's all about Time Management. Or so I tell myself as I fall in a heap on the bed each night!!

I am making Brownies this week to give to my Post Office girls to say Thank You for being such a great bunch! That will be this year's first recipe post. It's a super scrummy recipe. I was never a big fan of Brownies but these ones make my gym time totally useless!! Very more-ish. Shockingly disgusting stuff. Well, maybe a slice of heaven! Just dont tell Leigh (gym owner at Beach Bodz Kiama)!

Another goal for this year is to try more Vegetarian/Vegan recipes.
Late last year we had my youngest son, Josh diagnosed for allergies. He is now on a diet without yeast, gluten, sugar, chocolate, dairy and eggs. Pretty much knocks a lot of our 'usual' food out the window for the poor kid. So I am experimenting more with foods he can eat. And funnily enough, I have a new client in Sydney with similar allergies. So what I learn for Josh, I apply to my client.
I'll be sharing a delicious brown rice salad recipe this week that my client passed onto me. Full of nuts and goodness. I eat it by the bowlful for lunch and dont feel guilty at all!

So they are a few of my plans and goals for this year. Let's hope that 2009 is a more financial one than 2008. We've gone six months without any income. Let me tell you, my Accounts file is overflowing with Overdues!! It will be like Manna from Heaven when we get that first pay on Feb 13th!

Till later this week....
Bon Apertit!